STATIC Pro Single User

STATIC Pro is a stand-alone, double-clickable applications for Windows or MacOS.



  • STATIC has been created by the input of Critical Care Staff over the last 14 years - it continues to evolve through the same Critical Care Staff driven input.

  • The most complete and sophisticated Critical Care Software in its class.

  • Improve patient care and achieve better resource utilisation through measuring and monitoring standardised outcomes.

  • Report on your data using the fast integrated data analysis engine. Preset and automatically run reports.

  • Use the Reporting features to monitor Outcomes and Quality Assurance.

  • Will save your Critical Care Unit and your Hospital money by providing accurate management information on patient and unit management intitiatives.

  • Available for either Mac OS or Win OS - can be used in a mixed environment under Client Server.

  • Track your patients movements within ICU and outside ICU, including Unplanned Readmissions.

  • Track Refusals to the Critical Care area.

  • Full compliance with ANZICS & ANZPICS data collection requirements.

  • Easily deployed - most aspects are autoconfiguring on both Mac and Win platforms - no need for an IT Specialist to administer the database.

  • Easy to use intuitive interface.

  • Highly customisable - you determine what you want to collect.

  • Fast integrated collection of Adult, Paediatric, Refusal,Transport & Consultation data - all in completely separate areas.

  • Ability to define two distinct levels of Critical Care.

  • Multiple wards and beds supported.

  • Bed states collected - occupancy.

  • Define any Procedure, Complication & Custom data point with full statistical support.

  • Collect data on almost every aspect of ICU inrteractions (only a partial list):

    • Demographic data including Next of Kin and Outside Referring Specialist and Local Doctor.

    • Admission detail including completely customisable Source of Admission to Hospital and ICU details. Direct Admission to ICU data capture.

    • Diagnosis - Principal ICU diagnosis, Underlying diagnosis and 5 Associated diagnoses, JFICM Classification.

    • Pre-existing Functional Status and Survey at 6 months for Paediatric admissions.

    • Delayed Admissions and Interval since previous admission event.

    • Therapy Order - Limits and Withdrawn.

    • Procedures and Interventions. Custom events.

    • Adult Trauma scoring (RTS, ISS, PS), Paed Trauma Score, Best Motor Response.

    • Cardio-thoracic Scoring - EUROSCORE.

    • Apache II & III (including full scoring and Risk of Death).

    • SAPS I & II (including full scoring and Risk of Death).

    • PIM I & II.

    • Complications due to Procedures, Condition and important for DRG.

    • Organ Failure Score, TISS, ARDS

    • MET notification with custom set points for individual admission.

    • Brain Death, Organ Donation, Sentinel Events.

    • Discharge detail including completely customisable Outcome for Hospital and ICU details. Direct Transfer to Other ICU/Hospital data capture.

  • Generate a written Discharge Summary including management plans and ongoing problems.

  • Upgradable to Client Server with no loss of data - Client Server uses the same datafile as Single User.


Minimum and Recommended Hardware Requirements

Mac OS
Mac G3 minimum ( Mac G4 or G5 recommended)
Mac OS 9.2.2 or OSX with 9.2.2
64 MB minimum with 256 MB recommended
15" SVGA monitor with 256 colors that has a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.

Pentium III minimum with P4 recommended
Windows 2000 minimum with XP recommended
64 MB minimum with 256 MB recommended
15" SVGA monitor with 256 colors that has a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.