STATIC Pro Client Server

STATIC Pro Client Server is a networkable application. The server and clients can be on either Mac OS or Win OS.



  • STATIC has been created by the input of Critical Care Staff over the last 14 years - it continues to evolve through the same Critical Care Staff driven input.

  • The most complete and sophisticated Critical Care Software in its class.

  • Improve patient care and achieve better resource utilisation through measuring and monitoring standardised outcomes.

  • Report on your data using the fast integrated data analysis engine. Preset and automatically run reports.

  • Use the Reporting features to monitor Outcomes and Quality Assurance.

  • Will save your Critical Care Unit and your Hospital money by providing accurate management information on patient and unit management intitiatives.

  • Available for either Mac OS or Win OS - can be used in a mixed environment under Client Server.

  • Track your patients movements within ICU and outside ICU, including Unplanned Readmissions.

  • Track Refusals to the Critical Care area.

  • Full compliance with ANZICS & ANZPICS data collection requirements.

  • Easily deployed - most aspects are autoconfiguring on both Mac and Win platforms - no need for an IT Specialist to administer the database.

  • With STATIC Pro Client Server you are able to deploy STATIC on your hospital network.

  • Use either a Mac or a Win Server to deploy the database

  • Enter and review information from multiple simultaneous locations using both Mac and Win computers at the same time.

  • Medical records can review Critical Care data for data-mining purposes (discover unreported DRG's).

  • Easy to use intuitive interface.

  • Highly customisable - you determine what you want to collect.

  • Fast integrated collection of Adult, Paediatric, Refusal,Transport & Consultation data - all in completely separate areas.

  • Ability to define two distinct levels of Critical Care.

  • Multiple wards and beds supported.

  • Bed states collected - occupancy.

  • Define any Procedure, Complication & Custom data point with full statistical support.

  • Collect data on almost every aspect of ICU inrteractions (only a partial list):

    • Demographic data including Next of Kin and Outside Referring Specialist and Local Doctor.

    • Admission detail including completely customisable Source of Admission to Hospital and ICU details. Direct Admission to ICU data capture.

    • Diagnosis - Principal ICU diagnosis, Underlying diagnosis and 5 Associated diagnoses, JFICM Classification.

    • Pre-existing Functional Status and Survey at 6 months for Paediatric admissions.

    • Delayed Admissions and Interval since previous admission event.

    • Therapy Order - Limits and Withdrawn.

    • Procedures and Interventions. Custom events.

    • Adult Trauma scoring (RTS, ISS, PS), Paed Trauma Score, Best Motor Response.

    • Cardio-thoracic Scoring - EUROSCORE.

    • Apache II & III (including full scoring and Risk of Death).

    • SAPS I & II (including full scoring and Risk of Death).

    • PIM I & II.

    • Complications due to Procedures, Condition and important for DRG.

    • Organ Failure Score, TISS, ARDS

    • MET notification with custom set points for individual admission.

    • Brain Death, Organ Donation, Sentinel Events.

    • Discharge detail including completely customisable Outcome for Hospital and ICU details. Direct Transfer to Other ICU/Hospital data capture.

  • Generate a written Discharge Summary including management plans and ongoing problems.

  • No need to update the client computers.- clients auto-update themselves when STATIC is updated at the server..

  • Server autodetects various error conditions and attempts to recover in the background.

  • Enable patient data entry by Ward level staff and give them access to historical data on patients under their care.


Minimum and Recommended Hardware Requirements

Mac OS
Mac G3 minimum ( Mac G4 or G5 recommended)
Mac OS 9.2.2 or OSX with 9.2.2
64 MB minimum with 256 MB recommended - more for Server depending on number of Clients
15" SVGA monitor with 256 colors that has a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.

Pentium III minimum with P4 recommended
Windows 2000 minimum with XP recommended
64 MB minimum with 256 MB recommended - more for Server depending on number of Clients
15" SVGA monitor with 256 colors that has a resolution of 800 by 600 pixels.