Latest version of STATIC now shipping. Please download to see what is new. We have made a huge number of changes and thoroughly sifted through the whole program to give you what we believe is the best version released to date.

This release consolidates the changes made to support the Paediatric, Consultation and Transport admission types. Support for these types made it necessary to make major changes to the program that has resulted in a much more flexible platform that is now designed from the ground up to handle change.

With this version we have also added the ability to collect Management data. See thenew Context option available in the Admission list window.

Also the collection of Procedures and Custom data is much more flexible by combining events that occur before, during and after ICU into one event with STATIC making the distinction based on Admission and Discharge data.

Almost every part of STATIC is now highly customisable making it easy to tailor the program to your needs. We are excited by this version as we are now in a position to offer this program to many more Hospitals knowing that we can quickly and easily support their requirements.